MySQL 5 For Professionals

The book has been written to provide an excellent grounding to those who wish to learn ANSI SQL using MySQL 5. This book also has several illustrative examples, which have a logical link between them.



Each set of examples helps build skills that will take the reader to the next set of examples, which in turn leads upwards until a strong programming foundation using the natural language of MySQL has been established.  

Learning of SQL is done thought the construction of a Sales Management System. The skills thus developed are strongly firmed up via hands on exercises based on the construction of a Human Resource Management System.
 Additionally, exclusive significance is given to new features supported by MySQL 5 such as Stored Procedures, Transactions, Cursors, Views, Sub Queries and so on. A special section covering data replication implementation using MySQL 5 is included.




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ISBN 10: 81-8404-014-8

Edition: First

Sample Chapter                                                      TOC


Understanding MySQL Installation

MySQL Fundamentals 
Storage Engines 
Managing MySQL Instance 
Defining Users 

Basic SQL Techniques 

Advanced SQL Techniques 

MySQL With Internet Based Middleware 
PHP and PERL using Apache Web Server 

MySQL With Programming Environments 
Visual Basic, Java and Gambas 

MySQL's Graphical Database Management Tools 
MySQL Query Browser 

MySQL Data Replication 

Windows and Linux based setup files for the installation procedures covered 
Source code for examples in this book 
Solutions to the hands on exercises

Video Footage 
Installation Of Fedora CORE 3, MySQL 5, Apache 2, PHP 5, Java SDK, JDBC:MySQL driver, Gambas 1, phpMyAdmin, MySQL Query Browser


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