SUV vehicle is a dream

Owning a SUV vehicle is a dream every man cherishes in his heart who has even a little passion for driving and loves auto-mobiles.

It all started with a Test drive of XUV 500.

I got the delivery of my Mahindra XUV 5OO W8 – Tuscan Red on 12-Feb-2013 from Mahindra's NBS International Ltd. 

Since the launch of XUV, I was a BIG fan of it whether it's the looks, features, equipments, safety features, super powerful engine and what not. Since we were looking for a powerful 7-8 seater, XUV was the best choice. 

In my opinion, the best colors for XUV in the order of preference are Red, Black, Satin White, Silver and Grey. 

So finally after two test drives, I made up my mind and decided to book. And surprise, they asked me to take delivery on 12-Feb that was just 7 days from the day I booked. 

Got the car, drove the XUV from the dealer to my home, of course after a small Pooja and a drive to the temple. 

What a change from driving i20 few hours back to XUV!!! High seating position with car that is ready to fulfill your command at the slightest press at the accelerator. Superb pick-up. Enjoyed the cruise control and the Bluetooth phone connectivity, during the drive back to my home. 

Regarding the comfort the car offers: The front seats are great with lumbar support as well as height adjustment. You may easily find a perfect position to tame the Cheetah. The center armrest is quite useful to rest your arm while driving, something that I always needed. The middle row seats are the highlight. Plethora of space with reclining adjustment makes the comfortable seating. Third row seats are good for people below 5'5" height or kids. AC is a chiller at both front and rear.

All in all, a great SUV to own!!!