ISBN 10: 81-7366-684-9

The book has been written to provide genuine domain knowledge to programmers who wish to learn web based, application development, using PHP as a front-end programming tool, Apache as the web server and Oracle 10g as a DBMS of choice all run on Linux. Learning web development is done through a set of examples and is finally strongly reinforced by the development of a Personnel Management System.

The Personnel Management System is developed using PHP, served via Apache Web Server using Oracle 10g as the data store. This is something web based, application development, companies worldwide require today. 
A special chapter covering the installation of Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 3 is included.

Edition: First
Sample Chapter


Understanding The Framework 
Installation Of Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 3.0 Installation Of Apache Web Server Installation Of Oracle 10g Database Installation Of PHP Testing PHP And Oracle Integration 
Basic SQL Techniques 
Advanced SQL Techniques 
Understanding The PHP Language 
Basics, Conditional Statements And Iterations, Functions And Arrays, Working With Web Pages, File Handling And Regular Expressions 
Building Personnel Management System 
Configure The Environment, Manual And Project Processing 
Setup Files For Apache And PHP
Source Code For Every Example In This Book
Solutions To Hands On Exercises
Video Footage
Installation Of Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 3.0, Oracle 10g DB, Apache 2.X And PHP 5
Integration Between Apache, PHP And Oracle