I’m a technical writer in Mumbai, India, mostly writing developer documentation, including documentation for APIs. I work at Saba Software, focusing on:
– Crafting and maintaining their online help infrastructure.
– Help content: end user and administration documentation
– Developer documentation

My main interest has always been on making things simpler.

I was not always a technical writer. I stumbled into technical writing after working in other fields. I previously worked on developing applications, followed by managing the tech team as a Project Manager in Software company – This gives me a strong technical background! After a while, I realized I was great in writing content, and I turned to technical writing and started working for a software company – where I contributed good amount of technical content writing (including the high level and low level design documentation) for their applications. To my surprise, I found that I actually liked technical writing — a lot more than developing applications. Technical writing combines my love for writing with my fascination for technology.

My wife Vaishali, also is technical writer and till date we have written and published more than 30 books.

I like to keep an open mind and try new techniques and processes. 

Overall, I have a passion for technical writing and all the related tasks that support bridging the gap between people, processes, and technology.  I specialize in crafting developer documentation and building and maintaining online help infrastructure – which includes getting a server, installing the required infrastructure such as HTTP server, DB, backups and so on.


Sharanam is a highly-technical and skilled writer. He is able to produce content for a wide range of audiences, but he is particularly adept at working with and writing for developers. He is a motivated, detailed-oriented, self-starter who takes ownership of projects and drives them to completion. He was a key contributor to Saba’s transition to fully Web-enabled documentation, which required developing and implementing several key solutions across numerous technologies (DITA XML, Wiki, etc.).

Yitzik Brenman
Documentation Manager at Snowflake Computing

Sharanam, is a highly efficient. Very analytical and always has a fresh perspective to an idea. He is always ready to help. A great person to work with, will always add value to the organization. What sets him apart is his habit of paying attention to minute details of every project aspect.

Vaishali Shah
Technical Author, Calligrapher

Sharanam is a pleasure to work with as he is highly organized and efficient.

Srikanth Manukonda
Lead Data Analyst-Analytics at Fidelity Investments

There was a time when I was Sharanam’s employer. Today I am proud to count Sharanam as my friend, indeed he is a friend of the family. Sharanam, is completely honest, trustworthy and dependable. His technical skills are impeccable. He has authored a book on Oracle and co-authored at least 10 books with me. Sharanam has a dry / wry sense of humor that kind of gels well with mine. I’d recommend Sharanam without hesitation to any one. 

Ivan Bayross
Mentor, Author, Trainer, Digital Marketing Consultant

I have been working with Sharanam at Saba since 10 years. He is a complete techno geek and am always amazed with his technical skills. He has been the sole brain behind moving our Wiki based help to Oxygen based Webhelp. He has been continuously striving to make it better.

Some of his innovations are noteworthy like generating PDFs in preferred templates on the fly, improved the basic Search engine of Webhelp and so on.

Besides his technical knowledge, you will notice he is a complete fitness freak and his passion for photography – I mean in front of the lens is worth drooling. Name it and you will see this man excel in it without any doubts.

I strongly recommend Sharanam Shah for his versatility and wish him luck, forever.

Sheetal Kadam
Technical Writer at Saba Software
March 4, 2020