Progress or change is an important notion. And this statement can be construed as a point important to be noted to understand and know a person like me.

I am a good friend at heart and a good engineer at work. Being a Capricorn, I am an over-vaulting ambitious person, much organized and have tremendous energy to work. I am a very religious person and never forget to thank God for all that I’ve got today. 

I love travelling and visiting new places and am very fond of driving. I drive a lot and never miss a chance to take my car to every possible place. I have my own ideas about love, duty and social life or social status and I manage them well.

I robustly believe that the only way one can stand out is by executing what one genuinely is fond of. 

Writing a book says something about you. It demonstrates:
– An astute knowledge
– A drive and an ability to convert complex concepts and subjects into a language that others can understand
– How you can organize and structure your thoughts effectively 

What I do

– Music for hobby and Computers for work (sometimes hobby too!)
Author and publish books mainly focused on:
– Open Source application development
– Commercial application development
– Technical Writing
– Systems Design, Validation & Development
– Project Management

I am always keen on researching and experimenting with new technologies. I am ceaselessly found active in the playgrounds such as Programming languages, Hardware, Mobile phones, Networking and the Internet. 

This site showcases all my books that I’ve authored till date.

I welcome your comments or critique. I would love to know what you liked or disliked about each book that you’ve read. Your comments will only help me improve!

My line of work 

Currently I am a Technical Writer of a reputed software development house in Mumbai, India, working on projects, trying to improve myself continuously and giving form to my idea. This has brought me rich experience which I hope will keep gathering more wealth 🙂 and make me author more books.

I have worked in the software industry for about 10+ years. It has been mostly in Commercial Application Development domain, but for past 4 years, I have been associated with Open Source technologies.  

I got introduced to PHPMySQLJoomla – A Content Management System and I have taken a liking to its concept. I have been lucky to get introduced to multiple technologies at work and my personal research, which has enhanced my learning ability and so my confidence. 

Technically I have worked on ApachePHPPerlMySQLOracleVisual Basic and Java on Microsoft Windows as well as several flavours of Linux (Fedora Core being my favourite). 

With the gradually gained focused knowledge of various facets of Application Development domain and an expert team as my base, I’ve designed, developed and deployed several IT products and solutions. 

I read a lot, majority of it online. There are a lot of sites that I read everyday to power myself. This helps me to keep in touch with the latest Open Source Products and try them out practically, thus adding them to my list of products that I know.  

My role as a Technical Author 

As a Technical Author, I have a long experience of producing professional documentation for the IT industry in the form of:
– Software Requirement Specifications 
– High Level Design Documentation 
– Low Level Design Documentation 
– Data Dictionary
– Use Cases 
– Test Cases 
– User Manual 
– Help Guides 
– Training Manuals 
– System Administrator Guides 
– Installation Manuals 

I have developed my own technical writing style based on research and feedback from literally hundreds of end-users over the last seven years. This helps me produce user-friendly, well-indexed, helpful and informative technical documentation.

I make the Project leads and Team leads collectively aware of the scope of each commercial application that is being developed, by crafting the High-level and Low-level design documents.

I closely monitor the life cycle of every commercial application or business process being carried out to ensure the best documentation as the final outcome. 

My role as a consultant 

I’m closely associated with several software houses in India, as an application development consultant. 
I help software development houses standardize their design, development and documentation phases to ensure the desired end result.