ISBN 13: 978-93-5110-000-0

This book aims serving students, developers, technical leads and professionals who wish to begin server side, enterprise application development, using Java EE 7.

This book explores Java EE 7 and systematically illustrates its various specifications with plenty of real world examples with complete code spec and diagrams to make it easier to follow. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Enterprise developer, you should find this book, a valuable and accessible knowledge base for creating Enterprise solutions.

Edition: First


Sample Chapter



Key Topics

q  Servlet 3.

q  NIO 

q  JSP 2.

q  EL 3.

q  JSF 2.

q  HTML 5 

q  Ajax 

q  EJB 3.

q  JPA 2.

q  Hibernate 4 

q  Struts 2 

q  JAX-WS 

q  CDI 1.1

q  JavaMail 

q  WebSocket 

q  JSON 

q  Glassfish 4 

q  NetBeans 7 

What You’ll Learn?
q  Setup the Java EE 7 development environment 

q  Develop Servlets and JSP pages 

q  Upload/Download files using the built in API in Servlet 3.

q  Process requests (asynchronous mode) using Non-blocking I/O 

q  Craft pages using JSF 2.2’s  HTML 5 friendly markup 

q  Encapsulate flows using JSF 2.2’s Faces Flow 

q  Reuse templates at runtime using JSF 2.2’s Resource Library Contracts 

q  Ajax enable your pages using JSF 2.2’s built-in support for Ajax 

q  Use WebSocket to communicate in full-duplex mode between two peers over the TCP protocol 

q  Use annotation-based programming model for MVC controllers 

q  Supply an external dependency using CDI 

q  Invoke and return textual data using the Java API for JSON Processing 

q  Send emails using the JavaMail API 

q  Develop web services using JAX-WS 

q  Develop a web based application (GuestBook) using different technologies like Struts 2, Hibernate 4 and JPA 2.1 

q  Develop an enterprise application (NewsForum) using EJB/JSP & EJB/JSF and learn how to export data to a JSON file