ISBN 10:81-8404-843-8
ISBN 13: 978-81-8404-843-8

Designed for beginners, intermediate and professional developers, this book provides genuine domain knowledge to learn web based, application development, using Apache as the Web server, PHP as the programming language, MySQL as the data store, all mounted on the Linux OS. It delves deeply into the core of the MySQL and PHP providing a sound understanding of both.This book also demonstrates a step-by-step guide to developing a few Web applications [using PHP 6 MySQL 5.4 under Apache 2.2] which re-enforces all the learning that takes place throughout the book.

This book uses the learning by doing pattern with a lot of ready-to-use examples. This pattern has proven to be the best approach for learning a new technology. Most [if not all] of the concepts that you will find in this book are demonstrated using well described and easy to understand examples, yet sophisticated enough to demonstrate LAMP Programming in a real-world context.

Additionally, a special chapter covering the virtual installation of Linux is included. This provides an opportunity to create a Virtual LAMP Framework on MS Windows.

What You’ll Learn?

Installing and Setting Up LAMP
Working with the MySQL Database
Working with the PHP programming language

  • Basics – Variables, Operators, Control Structures, Functions
  • Regular Expression [PCRE]
  • Using MySQLnd, the new native driver
  • Using MySQL, MySQLi and PDO extensions
  •  Cookies and Sessions
  •  Object Oriented Programming
  •  Debugging And Error Handling
  •  Web Services Using SOAP

Building Web Based Applications

  •  Contact Management System
  •  Uses jQuery and Ajax
  • Uses SendMail to dispatch reminder emails for birthdays and anniversaries
  •  RSS Widget
  •  Uses MagpieRSS [RSS parser for PHP]
  •  Uses JavaScript to provide Drag and Drop functionality
  •  Newsletter Delivery System
  •  Uses SendMail to dispatch newsletter
  •  An Automatic Email Dispatcher 
  •  Uses CronJob to schedule email dispatch
  •  Uses SendMail to dispatch emails
  •  Using The Model View Controller Architecture

Setting Up Linux On A Virtual Machine Over MS Windows
Using phpMyAdmin – A Web based MySQL Administration tool

Edition: First


Sample Chapter



All About The L.A.M.P. Framework
Introduction to Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. How the L.A.M.P. framework works.
Setting Up The L.A.M.P. Environment
Installing Cent OS, Apache, PHP and MySQL. Configuring the Development Environment.
Understanding The MySQL Database
Db Storage Engines, Db Administration, SQL Elements, Table Creation, Working With Table Data, Tables And Its Structure, Operators And Regular Expression, Grouping Data, Joins, Views, Functions, Data Constraints, Subquery, Union, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Transactions, Cursors
Understanding The PHP Language
Mixing PHP And HTML, Variables And Operators, Control Structures, Functions, Regular Expressions, Working With Database using MySQL, MySQLi and PDO, Cookies, Sessions, Object Oriented Programming, Debugging And Error Handling, Web Services Using SOAP
Application Development
Contact Management, RSS Widget, Newsletter Delivery System, Automatic Email Dispatcher, Programming Using The Model View Controller Architecture
Linux On Virtual Machine
Installing CentOS On Sun VirtualBox
phpMyAdmin – A web based MySQL Db Administration tool

  • Setup files for Apache Web Server 2.2.13
  • MySQL 5.4
  • PHP 6.0 [Development Snapshot]
  • ICU 4.2.1
  • PHP 5.3 [Stable Release]
  • phpMyAdmin 3.2.2
  • Video Footage covering LAMP Installation
  • Source code for the examples covered in this book