ISBN 10:81-8404-844-5
ISBN 13: 978-81-8404-844-5

Most professional web based projects are structured, documented and executed using the AMP programming stack i.e. Apache as the Web server, MySQL Community Server as the data store and PHP as the programming environment of choice.
PHP Project For Beginners shows how to build and use the AMP programming stack to develop a structured, documented, modestly sized project. It walks you through building and documenting a Book Management and Sales System [featuring a Shopping cart integrated with a payment gateway].

Key TopicsFeatures And Benefits
 Apache 2.2
 PHP 5.3
 MySQL 5.5
 jCart 1.2
 jQuery 1.1.4
 SwiftMailer 4.0.6
Serves as a ready reference, with several add-ons and technologies, covering modestly sized project containing a Back-end with Master and Transaction data entry forms and a Front-end with application homepage and the shopping cart all built using the PHP. 

Illustrates real project documentation including Case Study, Business Requirements, Software Requirement Specifications, Data Dictionary, Table Definitions and Directory Structure, End User Manual and Software Design Document.
What You’ll Learn?
q  Shopping Cart [using jCart] integrated with a Payment Gateway for accepting payments using Credit Cards [Paypal Checkout]
q  Tag Clouds
q  Session Management
q  Dispatch Emails [using SwiftMailer]
q  BLOB to store images and PDF files
q  Access based User Management and Restricted page access protection
q  Text Suggest
q  Password Strength Indicator
q  Captcha
q  RSS Feeds [using magpierss]

Edition: First


Sample Chapter                                                      TOC

How to document:
o    Case Study
o    Business Requirements
o    Software Requirement Specifications
o    Data Dictionary, Table Definitions and Directory Structure
o    End User Manual
o    SoftwareDesign Document
How to implement the following technologies:
o    Shopping Cart [using jCart]
o    Payment Gateway for accepting payments using Credit Cards [Paypal Checkout]
o    Tag Clouds
o    Session Management
o    Search
o    Dispatch Emails [using SwiftMailer]
o    BLOB to store images and PDF files
o    Access based User Management
o    Restricted page access protection
o    jQuery [Ajax]
o    Text Suggest
o    Password Strength Indicator
o    RSS Feeds [using magpierss]
o    Captcha
Apache 2.2 Web Server

MySQL Community Server 5.5 

PHP 5.3

Source code for the project demonstrated in this book