ISBN 13: 978-93-5023-105-0

Designed for beginners and intermediate project team, this book serves as a detailed reference guide to the preparation of effective documentation for computer applications. It is intended for those who wish to develop software documentation and requires no prior knowledge or experience of writing software documentation.

This book equips the project team with software documentation writing skills leaving behind a blue print of how each kind of software documentation is written in the real world.  

It showcases real world samples of the most required project documentation. This is something the project team is really going to appreciate. They can quickly get started by simply looking at the samples.Key Topics
·         Audience Analysis
·         SDLC/DDLC
·         Case Study
·         SRS
·         User Manual
·         HLDD
·         LLDD
·         Data Dictionary 
·         Online Help
·         Installation Manual
·         Editing
·         Proofreading
·         Formatting Guidelines

Edition: First


Sample Chapter                                                     TOC

What you’ll learn?

q  How to:

o    Prepare for the Technical Writing job

o    Create a resume for the Technical Writing job

q  Understand:

o    The software documentation process

o    The skills set required for software documentation

q  Make a note of the various Publishing, Help Authoring, Graphic and Screen Capturing tools

q  Learn how to choose the most appropriate software documentation tool

q  Learn how to analyze the audience

q  Gain insight into:

o    Software Development Life Cycle [SDLC]

o    Document Development Life Cycle [DDLC]

q  Learn how SDLC relates to DDLC