ISBN 13: 978-93-5023-775-5

Most professional web based projects are structured, documented and executed using the Spring as the application development framework and Hibernate as the Object Relational Mapping library with MySQL Server as the data store. 

Spring 3 With Hibernate 4 Project For Professionals shows how to build and use this programming stack to develop a structured, documented, modestly sized project. It walks you through building and documenting a Book Management and Sales System [featuring a Shopping cart integrated with a payment gateway]. Key Topics
Spring 3.2

Hibernate 4

MySQL 5.5

Spring Security 3.1

Spring Web MVC

NetBeans IDE 7

Edition: First 


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What you’ll learn? 

  • Shopping Cart integrated with a Payment Gateway for accepting payments using Credit Cards [Google Checkout]
  • Tag Clouds, Session Management, Dispatch Emails [using JavaMail
  • BLOB to store images and PDF files 
  • Access based User Management and Restricted page access protection 
  • Spring’s Web MVC framework to develop forms, validate form content and handle user requests 
  • Annotation-based programming model for MVC controllers 
  • Spring’s declarative transaction management capabilities
  • Secure application using Spring’s Security module

Source code for the examples in this book