ISBN 10: 81-8404-665-0
ISBN 13: 978-81-8404-665-6

Designed for beginners and intermediate developers, this book helps you come up to speed as quickly as possible with using the Struts2 framework. It delves deeply into the core of the Struts2 framework, providing a sound understanding of the components that make up the framework and the way they interact with each other.

This book uses an application-centric approach. The development of an application drives the Struts2 exposure and not the other way around. An application is defined which is build throughout the book. Most [if not all] of the code spec and snippets that you will find in this book are a part of the application. 

Finally, a web based project is developed to re-enforce all the learning that took place throughout the book. This will definitely help developers to quickly get started with building real-world Web applications using the Struts2 framework.

Edition: First


Sample Chapter                                                     TOC


All About The Struts2 Framework

Fundamentals Of Struts and Struts2, Architecture of Struts2, Struts2Framework Core Components

Setting Up The Development Environment

Installing And Setting Up NetBeans IDE, Installing And Setting Up Struts2

Getting Started With Struts2

Getting Started, Working With Actions, Building Views, Building Interceptors, OGNL And Value Stack, Validations, Using The Data Store, Integrating Hibernate With Struts2

Application Development Using Struts2

Define The Project And Its Requirements, Project Specifications, The Administration Homepage [index.jsp], The Search Books Form [searchBooks.jsp], The Manage Books Form [manageBooks.jsp], Logout, Beans And Interceptors, Running The Application

Setup files for: 

NetBeans IDE 6.5

Struts 2.X

Hibernate 3.2.X

MySQL Community Server 6.X

MySQL Connector/J 5.X

Source code for the examples and the project covered in this book.