ISBN: 81-8404-107-1

The book has been written to provide genuine domain knowledge to programmers who wish to learn application development using object oriented Visual Basic 2005 as the programming environment. Like all the earlier books this book also has several illustrative examples, which have a logical link between them.

Each set of examples helping build skills that will take the reader to the next set of examples, which in turn lead upwards until a strong programming foundation using Visual Basic 2005 has been established. Finally, the concepts learnt are reinforced by building a completely documented and coded project – Project Management System.

Edition: First

Sample Chapter                                                   TOC

Evolution And Design Environment Of Visual Basic 2005
Introduction To Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Introduction To Visual Basic 2005
The Outlook Of Visual Basic 2005
Getting Started With The IDE 
Visual Basic 2005 Basics
Basics, Operators And Conditional Statements, Procedures And Functions, Constructing A User Interface Using Windows Forms, MDI Applications And Menu Bar, Working With Databases Using ADO.NET 
Object Oriented Programming 
Advanced Visual Basic 2005
Exceptions And Error Handling, Dealing With Files And Directories, Dealing With XML, Windows User Controls, Introduction To Setup And Deploying  
Project Management System
Table Definitions, User Manual, Library Module, Data Entry Master Form, Data Entry Master/Detail Form  
Upgrading Applications From Visual Basic 6.0 To Visual Basic 2005, Working With MySQL Using MySql Connector/Net, Crystal Reports, Using A Visual Basic 2005 User Control In CLR Compliant Languages, Built-in functions, Regular Expressions 
Source Code For The Project Management System And Every Example In This Book
Solutions To All The Hands On Exercises
Setup Files Of MySQL Database and MySql Connector/Net 1.0.7